genetic engineering is an improvement issue in the society today.

Genetic engineering is an improvement issue in the society today. Some people think that it will improve people think that it will improve people's lives in many ways others feel that it might be threat to life on earth. Discuss both views and give your opinion

The contemporary era has brought forth the various fields of science. One of them is genetic engineering
known as
engineering which
researchers to modify the genes of the distinct organism.
A large number of
mortals venture that this section of society believes it to be beneficial. The upcoming dissertation will consider both the views
deducing a conclusion.

with the
aspects of genetic modification,
and foremost is that it is helpful in eradicating
genetic disorders. Through this study the scientific can
detect the diseases in a
passed from their family history and modify then to
the newborn form physical ailments.
For instance
, modification in chromosome can be beneficial to produce a healthy child with specific features. Technological breakthrough in genetic field of study is
made it feasible to grow
specific human organs
and scientists are developing facts to utilize it for successful transplant surgeries.
this this
recombinant technique
been proven
a boon to farming
of the invention of hybrid seeds. Yields can
be proliferated
with these seeds and crops can
be saved
from adverse climate conditions and new crops with unique features can
be produced

despite of
all these benefits a major concern is that unnatural modification will create a trouble for humanity
species can
be created
which may disturb the ecological system and can have detrimental consequences on human beings new breeds of dogs fir example are
being produced
by mixing the Gene's of
dogs which are
for fighting purposes and to generate profits. Scientists may
it for their personal benefits such as revealing the confidential information to other institutes for misuse.

In conclusion
, having discussed the merits
as well
as the
aspects of genetic splicing I
believe that the benefits
overshadow its
impacts and its
be managed
if a strict control
is practiced
on the usage of this science.
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